• barbeque party
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    I do not know about you but BBQs always remind me of the good times. Always. I remember Sunday lunch with family, picnic with friends, or vacation at the beach. The smell of the BBQ alone is enough to transport me back to those times when everything was perfect and happy. It reminds of the delightful moments shared with family and friends. One special memory I have that involves BBQs is that of my grandmother. My grandmother had her own special marinade for our BBQ and it was everyone’s favorite. It made us look forward to Sunday lunch with the whole family. My uncles would be in charge of grilling…

  • Happy Family
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    The family is the most basic unit of our society. It is where individuals receive nurturing and nourishment that make them healthy individuals and productive citizens of our country. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure the welfare of its families especially at times when the families could not afford to meet the fundamental needs of its members. We cannot deny that poverty exists even in a progressive nation such as America. According to the 2015 Official Poverty Report, poverty in the United States stands at 13.5% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016). This translates to 43.1 million people living below $24,036 per annum for households with two adults and two children.…

  • Eating Favorite Food
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    What does food mean to you? What is your favorite food? Do you make it a point to eat healthy food? How important is it for you to eat healthy food? Do you know what makes a balanced and healthy diet? As they say, not all foods are created equal. There are junk foods, fast foods, and there are healthy foods. With the various choices around us, we should be wise in choosing the right food that would really be beneficial for our bodies. Each decision we make affects our health. But how do we make wise food choices? What are the factors that influence one’s decisions on food consumption?…

  • Grilled Meat
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    Welcome to New Yorker’s favorite go-to place when they want to have a good time – MexiQ NY! MexiQ NY is a fusion of everyone’s favorites – BBQ, Mexican food, and beer. Located at the fun and exciting neighborhood of Astoria, NY, we have opened our kitchen doors to everyone to offer our grilled meats with a Mexican accent. And we all know what goes well with those juicy BBQs – beer! But at MexiQ NY, we do not just offer the ordinary beers that you can buy at the usual supermarket or liquor stores. We have crafted our very own beer recipes and came up with almost 50 different…