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I do not know about you but BBQs always remind me of the good times. Always. I remember Sunday lunch with family, picnic with friends, or vacation at the beach. The smell of the BBQ alone is enough to transport me back to those times when everything was perfect and happy. It reminds of the delightful moments shared with family and friends.
One special memory I have that involves BBQs is that of my grandmother. My grandmother had her own special marinade for our BBQ and it was everyone’s favorite. It made us look forward to Sunday lunch with the whole family. My uncles would be in charge of grilling the meat while my aunts would help my grandmother prepare the other dishes that we would all eat together. I can say that through her cooking and special BBQ sauce, our family became closer.
Another good memory that comes to mind when I think of BBQs is those moments spent at the park near the lake where we would have a picnic with friends, throw some Frisbee, and just relax at the grass. Those were lazy and leisurely afternoons when we did not care what tomorrow would bring. All that mattered was that moment – we were all happy to be together, laughing the afternoon away.

For me, BBQs and the beach go together. This is the perfect food when spending the day at the beach. As I said, the smell of the BBQ alone can bring me back to that relaxing place. It is as if I can almost hear the gentle sound of the waves as they reach the shore. I can feel the gentle rays of the sun on my face. I can feel the cool and soft texture of the sand on my feet…

BBQs will always remind me of the good times that is why they will always be my favorite.