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The family is the most basic unit of our society. It is where individuals receive nurturing and nourishment that make them healthy individuals and productive citizens of our country. It is the government’s responsibility to ensure the welfare of its families especially at times when the families could not afford to meet the fundamental needs of its members. We cannot deny that poverty exists even in a progressive nation such as America. According to the 2015 Official Poverty Report, poverty in the United States stands at 13.5% (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016). This translates to 43.1 million people living below $24,036 per annum for households with two adults and two children. Knowing these figures allows the government to design programs that would meet the needs of low-income families. One such program is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP. When families have a low income, it is difficult to make ends meet. They cannot provide for their members’ basic needs such as food. SNAP hopes to address this issue by allowing these families to buy nutritious food so that they can be healthy.

MexiQ NY supports the government’s SNAP initiative in providing low-income families with nutritious food. Beneficiaries of the program can use their food stamps in our restaurant and we have prepared food packs that contain all the individual nutritional daily requirements for each member of their family. In that way, we can be sure that the food that they eat is not just delicious but most of all, it is nutritious too. MexiQ NY is proud to be a part of this program and we are honored to serve our community members. It is our way of giving back to the people. We want to help make America great by feeding the nation with nutritious food one family at a time.